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The Power to Change Lives

Author: Kathie Rowe | Date: Apr 15, 2021

Adidas - The Power to Change Lives through Sport

The Mission: To be the most progressive brand in the world.

Giveaway by Adidas®

Premium water bottles, by Corkcircle®

Adidas® believes through sports; they have the power to change lives. But our planet is filling up with plastic waste and threatening where sport can change lives.

We need to change our legacy. We need to end plastic waste.

For every $500 in Adidas product purchased from April 12 - May 14, 2021 customers will receive 1 adidas Premium Corkcicle Water Bottle. Maximum of 4 water bottles per customer (while supplies last).


Adidas Water Bottle
Adidas Water Bottle

This generation is changing their buying habits

Adidas - Positive Impact


of consumers want to make a positive impact on the planet

Adidas - Planet over Profits


prefer to buy from brands that put welfare of people and planet over profits

Adidas - Loyal Consumers


of consumers will be more loyal to companies that support environmental issues

They Expect Change

The Gameplan: by 2024, Adidas will use 100% recycled polyester, eliminating virgin polyester completely.

Promote your brand and change the world

Get a free Adidas water bottle with every purchase of $500 worth of Adidas garments and help save the world from the plastic explosion. The bottle is awesome and great for our environment!

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