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All Things Embroidery

Author: Andi Vera | Date: Mar 27, 2017


If we can hoop it, we can do it

Keep your face and eyes protected this Summer

All Things Embroidery: Big Star Branding has it all. We are exceptional at embroidery. Our Embroidery team works hard to get all custom orders done in a timely fashion. "If we can hoop it, we can do it" is our motto when it comes to embroidery. The hoop stabilizes the fabric to keep it in one spot, while the machine works vigorously to achieve the required design.

Big Star Branding has three embroidery machines with 15 heads.  We can add up to 15 colors at a time, however, if you decide you want more than 15 colors in your design, we can switch colors out and add as we go! We have a very extensive color selection in house, although there are times when a customer has their heart set on a particular color we don't have. Not to worry! We can always custom order the color thread you would like! We have over 1,000 options to embroider.  So the only thing stopping you is trying to decide what not to put your logo on!


One of our customers, Larry Trejo, left us a positive message on his experience with Big Star Branding. Here is what Mr. Trejo had to say:

"Big Star Branding did a great job embroidering jackets and dress shirts for our Palo Alto College Logistics Program. Great work, Great price and most of all Great people to work with.  One person who out of his way a few times for us was Mr. Adrian Fernandez.  Not only did he make sure all of our products were perfect. He also meet up with me a few times to delivery merchandise in areas that were most convenient for me. I can't thank Adrian enough for all the extra effort he put in."

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