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Allmade - The Environmentally Responsible T-shirt

Author: Destinie Dowden | Date: Jun 24, 2020

We are always on the lookout for the next best thing.

Recently a newly curated brand was brought to our attention called Allmade.

You may or may not have heard of this brand before. I hadn't even though most in the office would more than likely refer to me (lovingly) as the "tree hugger" of the group.

Those behind the brand.

Allmade Logo

The Allmade slogan is "Feel your impact," which immediately caught my attention. As we passed around the new garments to feel (which of course we will get into a bit later), we learned about their mission.

Their story begins with a few forward-thinking screen printers, entrepreneurs, and business owners making their way to Haiti to first experience garment manufacturing.

While visiting, they saw the potential impact they could have on the area, the people, and the planet just by improving the current process and going about it just a bit differently.

Allmade Group

Allmade refers to their new line of products as CRAZY-SOFT, and Big Star can agree that these garments were freakishly soft and cozy.

They are using three different sustainable tri-blend fibers to create a softer easier to print surface.

These shirts are crafted for printers by printers. Not only do the garments look and feel great. Most importantly, their collective efforts are helping families and also building up communities where they are manufacturing.

Let's talk about the garments.


The Tri-blend tees are made of 50% poly from recycled plastic water bottles, 25% Tencel Modal from renewable beech trees, and 25% organic, US-grown cotton.

Each Allmade Tri-Blend tee uses an equivalent of up to 6 recycled plastic water bottles and all
the yarn is spun, knit, fabric dyed and finished in the USA.

 See the ALLMADE Story Here!

Allmade recently released a recycled face mask in light of the recent Covid outbreak across the world. These mask fit comfortable on the face and ears.

If you are looking for a better choice, Allmade puts the needs of people and the planet first, creating a positive impact you and I can feel great about.

These products are so new, they are not yet available on our website. Give us a call to learn more! 


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