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RIP Five Pointz New York

Author: Ryan Rowe | Date: Nov 25, 2013

R.I.P: Five Pointz New York

Since the early 90’s Five Pointz, is a series of buildings in located in Brooklyn, New York; which have been a center for for local graffiti artists to exhibit and practice their technical skills and creativity with a spray can.

The buildings which are visible from the J train in Brooklyn were the inspiration for the mural on the side of our very own Big Star Branding building here in San Antonio, Texas after the owner fell in love with the art she saw at Five Pointz on a trip to New York. 

The Five Pointz community tried to get the buildings designated a “Art of Significant Stature” which would have protected it under the Visual Artist Rights Act but it was whitewashed overnight after a federal judge rejected the petition. Although graffiti has become an art in it’s own right it was unfortunately not recognized as such in this case. We at Big Star Branding are sad to see the loss of a New York landmark.  Here are a few images of of the art at Five Pointz before it was painted white:

Image from the J train:

Image or artist at work at Five Pointz:

Image of some of the many murals at Five Pointz:

We here at Big Star Branding find inspiration in the graffiti style.

Here is some graffiti style artwork by our own in-house artist Tim Richter:

You can view more pictures here:

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