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Big Star Branding reminds you to spay or neuter your pet!

Author: Ryan Rowe | Date: Mar 31, 2014

Big Star Branding reminds you to spay or neuter your pet!

Big Star Branding is located very close to the Animal Defense League which is located at 11300 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217 PH# 210-655-1481: often times this shelter is full so occasionally and unfortunately people will simply abandon their unwanted animals near our business.

Everyone at Big Star Branding loves animals and we don’t like to see this happen: of course a no-kill shelter is preferred but if you need to abandon your pet or a stray in an emergency: Animal Care Services of San Antonio is located at 4710 State Highway 151 San Antonio, Texas PH# 210-207-4738.

Animal Care Services will always take your pet or stray during drop-off hours although it’s always best to call ahead and make an appointment. Recently a beautiful full-blood plot hound with a wounded leg showed up at our doorstep. We took the wounded dog to Animal Care Services where it was adopted by a United States Veteran who also had a wounded leg!

Dogs at Big Star Branding

The two of them will be able to recuperate and heal together. What a happy ending!

No-kill shelter San Antonio Pets Alive located at 210 Tuleta Dr, San Antonio, TX 78212 PH# 210-370-7612 will be providing surgery for the dog’s broken leg. Big Star Branding also encourages you to do the right thing: spay or neuter your pets and keep them on a leash. Here is a picture of the dog and his new owner!

Please visit us at BIGSTARBRANDING.COM or give us a call at 210-590-2662 or Toll-Free at 888-844-4227. Big Star Branding is located at 4009 Naco-Perrin San Antonio, Texas 78217