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San Antonio Name Brand Drawstrings

Author: Ryan Rowe | Date: Dec 17, 2018

The "Big Draw"

Designer Drawstring Bags are a "big draw" at Big Star Branding.

Here at BSB, we are always looking for new and exciting promotional products to offer to our clients. We frequent trade shows and Expo events to keep our team aware of trending and coveted items.

These simple yet fascinating products have made their way into our top choices for popular, common use promo-products.

Some of the many items we have found include the pop sockets, reusable drink cups with straws, and reusable drawstring backpacks. Brand name drawstring backpacks can be a status symbol for your customers, clients, teammates and students that promote your company, team, school or organization in style every time they are used.

ADIDAS, Titleist, OGIO, NIKE, and PUMA are just a few of the many brand name drawstring bags offered at Big Star branding.

Brands such as these do not typically conduct business directly with the public. Thanks to a special partnership, we can do so here at Big Star Branding.

We can help you find the perfect drawstring bag product, our artists can create or update your design or logo and we can screen print or embroider bags for you in our local, family owned & run facility.

The best promotional products are the ones people actually like to use & backpacks of any kind get worn everywhere, over & over, spreading your message, brand awareness or team spirit as it goes. Big Star's selection of higher quality bags is as welcome at a golf event or sports game as they are at colleges campuses and concerts.

Drawstring bag's appeal is the simplicity of design, but they can also have extra pockets, zippers, headphone ports, mesh pockets and many other options including design, price, and style.

You can find many drawstring bags & drawstring backpacks on our website or you can also contact a Big Star Branding customer service representative at 210-590-2662 who can better navigate the 1million different promotional products we offer for you because we know you're busy & we appreciate your business.