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San Antonio Trade-show Swag

Author: Destinie Dowden | Date: Jan 16, 2019

Swag, Promotional-Swag: What is SWAG?!

Swag, Promotional-Swag: What is SWAG?!

Well, the difference between regular old promotional products and swag is WANT and prestige. Stuffy old conventions handout ?cheap giveaways? while fun events give away SWAG, trendy things people want and use.

The trends for swag are BETTER, more high-end products, Ecologically responsible products & reusable products.

Custom sunglasses with your logo made from sustainable bamboo are a perfect example of a better product that is sustainable and will find its way into actual use with your customer base.

In the case of the standard cheap, plastic, give-away cup Big Star recommends engraved wine glasses or Yeti-style reusable mugs and cups.

Often to upgrade a basic promotional product to something swag-worthy is just a matter of a few cents, but it will pay off big with customers.

Keep in mind: 65% of end users said they were more likely to hold onto a promotional product that was Eco-friendly.

With today's Social Media driven environment event, attendees even post pictures of the promotional swag they acquired at events and you want them to have something worth photographing, posting and keeping using in their daily lives. Other people see those products online and it's just more free advertising for you!

Conventions are always full of inexpensive pens and cheap refrigerator magnets.

Frequently, these items will get lost among all the others and lose their function. Which, in case you missed it, is to remind customers of your business and that you cared enough to provide giveaways in the first place!

Customers who really love your brand or organization may also want to BUY your merch (if it's worth buying) like custom speakers with your logo or custom printed wireless ear-phones, USB drives, with your logo and made from Eco-friendly or materials are all functional products that people will pay for OR even better, love to get for free in their Swag-bags.

Maybe adding a few dollars per item is NOT in the budget: for just a few cents you can upgrade an inexpensive pen or pencil to ones made from recycled plastics or newspapers and suddenly it's a conversation starter about environmental responsibility which looks good on you & your company or organization!

You can find a limited selection online anytime at or you can call us at 210-590-2662 and speak with a customer service rep who has access to a MILLION different promotional products and undoubtedly the best swag available.