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Top 10 Must Have - Summer Imprintable Promotional Items!

Author: Destinie Dowden | Date: May 21, 2019

With summer fast approaching, companies are rushing to find the best seasonal promotional products.

Good news we've got your top 10 seasonal products that will make a lasting impression with your clients while giving you the best BANG for your buck.

1. Custom Koozies

Keep summer beverages cool and fresh! Custom imprint drink Koozies are popular promotional items that are great for company sporting events and picnics.

Imprint your logo on two sides of the collapsible can or zippered bottle styles that come in a zillion fun color.

2. Branded Sunglasses

Don't throw shade but look cool in these custom sunglasses. Available in fun, neon colors plus they have a superior, high quality look that is super budget friendly.

Everyone has a use for them, whether it be spending the day outside or driving on a sunny afternoon. Great for fun outdoor events, fundraisers, family reunions and weddings!

3. Customized Floating Bracelets

Ever fear of losing your keys at the beach? These floating imprintable wrist bands are available in bright colors, making this cool product ideal for swimmers/divers to help provide you visibility at a distance.

4. Full Color, Packable, Waterproof Backpacks

Who doesn't need a new sweet backpack for any outdoor occasion? Make it waterproof and you have yourself the perfect bag for all your valuables at the beach.

Easily packs into attached pouch. Zippered main compartment for belongings, comfortable mesh straps for carrying and a small front zippered pocket for cellphone, wallet keys!

The front pocket is a great advertising space, front and center. ? Surely to be seen!

5. Fully Stocked Sun Kits

These are an awesome idea to have everything in one place! Germ X, lip balm, sunglasses, and sunscreen all the necessities for the perfect beach day.

6. Personalized Flipflops

These personalized flip flops are a company favorite! Fully customizable flip flops come in multiple different colors and are a promotional item that your employees will get great use out of no matter what the occasion.

7. Custom Imprint Beach towels

Customized beach towels are effective summer promotional items for pool parties or beach getaways!

Style your customers' summer outings with this beach towel outfitted with your logo on the finest, most comfortable cotton.

8. Custom Imprinted Beach Balls

These printed beach balls will add fun and energy to your client's brand during their event on the beach or a day of outside activities.

9. Iceless Cooler

Designed to fit around an entire case, lighter than a "premium cooler" when fully stocked. Made of high-quality foam makes it great for floating the river on hot summer days. Put your logo on these awesome Iceless coolers.

10. Clear Waterproof Cell Bags

Ever been relaxing in the pool and thought to yourself "What a perfect selfie opportunity?"

We have too! We now have available fully customizable clear, waterproof, Cell Cases with strap perfect for your next river float, pool party, or waterpark extravaganza.

We've got all your seasonal must-haves available here at Big Star Branding!

We can put your brand on over a million imprintable products. Let us help you find the products that are right for you!

Give us a call toll free at 888-844-4227 or 210-590-2662 and speak to one of our sales reps. Or look at our selection of promotional products online at for all of your Summer 2019 necessities.