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Custom Imprint for a Digital Age

Author: Ryan Rowe | Date: Jul 15, 2019

Turn every day items into EXTRAORDINARY marketing pieces!

In a technology driven world, there are no better promotional products than those promo products that work and comply with our cell phones, computers and other electronic devices! These objects are always in view and constantly being utilized. Among some of our more know services such as; screen printing and embroidery, Big Star Branding also offers a large selection of computer and cell phone related, imprint-able, tech-friendly, accessories that comply with Apple iPhone, Android as well as MAC, Windows operating systems.

Ring holders, Solar Powered batteries, Digital Notepads, the possibilities are endless...


PRO TIP: Advise your Big Star Branding customer service representative of any unique details concerning your imprinted tech promo products so that we can serve you better!

Did you know...

Infographic explaining Promotional Product ReachWho recalls generational marketing best

Marketing studies show people who have received a promotional product from a company are 83% more likely to do business with the brand!
 Custom imprinted cell phones cases and holders may not always comply with every customers phone but custom printed gadget grips and cellphone chargers are more standard across a wider range of phones. Big Star Branding has customized charging kits for cell phones, computers and a range of rechargeable plugs to fit any product. Many of these resemble imprinted flash drives or custom USB drives which are also available for customization and are increasingly useful and popular as well as available in a wide range of data storage sizes.
Thanks to our many awesome suppliers like innovation line, we can offer all the latest technology with your branding!

It is important to know your market!

Are you concerned some of your clients are not tech-savvy enough for the gadgets listed?

There are basic USB drives but the flash drive key chain is more useful for the on-the-go type of consumer you may want to reach with your imprinted promotional products. We also offer custom power banks and batteries that can be printed with your companies logo! 


Custom chargers and data storage aren’t your only options: sound brings a whole new crop of computer related promotional products. These include custom printed blue tooth speakers, wireless headsets and wireless promotional speakers with your business logo. If you don’t have a logo: let us help you. Big star branding has a team of on-site graphic artists who can create one for you. And of course lets not forget our computer promotional products standards: custom mouse pads and printed screen cleaning cloths and key board brushes. Our mouse pads are available in full color prints and a wide range of sizes, shapes, styles and most importantly prices. Our promotional products range from give-away "inexpensive" products right on up to high quality corporate gifts any customer or employee would be thrilled to receive. 

Pedestal Combo Wireless Speaker + 5W Wireless Charger16 Oz. Symphony Tritan™ Water Bottle & Wireless SpeakerUPBEAT MINI MUSHROOM WIRELESS SPEAKER

We are a small business with a Global Reach!


**overseas shipping available**

If you have further questions or we forgot to mention the specific product you are looking for: just give Big Star Branding a call at 210-590-2662 and one of our friendly Big Star customer service consultants will be happy to help you.

Big Star offers over a million different products... we can print anything that will stay still long enough… Just ask us!😉

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