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Face Shields for Workplace and Schools

Author: Ryan Rowe | Date: Aug 7, 2020

Face shields are part of PPE or personal protective equipment.

Big Star Branding is the place to order all manner of customized PPE products for your reopening businesses, school uniforms & custom business attire as well as giveaway PPE products like personalized hand sanitizer bottles & custom printed masks.

You can also order custom decals with messages like “wash your hands” or “masks required”: don"t forget the floor mats with a social distancing reminder.

Face Shields help people avoid contamination during pandemics.

They are used by scientists, lab employees & any other occupation that requires maintaining a sterile environment for safety purposes.

Face shields are much easier to wipe clean & last longer than single-use or cloth face masks.

PPE are essential products for maintaining optimal environments for health & safety standards.

They can also be customized with company brands, logos, school names, or even that hilarious cat meme your coworker sent you: because why not?

Custom face shields come in various sizes: adult, children & youth face masks that resemble hats.

We offer custom embroidered lab coats & other uniforms. If you prefer not to look like you work in a laboratory, Big Star has more casual styles of PPE.

We offer casual styles like the gaiter masks.

Gaiter masks can be worn like scarves. They help keep the neck & face warm during winter. Gaiters are great for keeping bugs out of your mouth while riding a motorcycle or mowing lawns.

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