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Item of The Week

Author: Andi Vera | Date: Apr 3, 2017

Item of the week


Vehicle Wraps: It is really the best idea when it comes to advertising. You are a walking (driving) representation of your brand. Anywhere you go, people will be looking at what your design is, and what you are selling! Admit it, you do the same thing while driving down the highway. Sure, it's easy to get a commercial on the radio or TV. Sure, it’s easy to get a sign on the side of the road. But how many people are  really going to see that along with the other 20 plus signs next to it!

If you have a good wrap, there is really only 3 to 4 things you need for it. Your name/ Brand name, a catchy tag line, phone number, and the company website. That's It! The design will already stand out, so do not get worried about getting lost in the traffic. If you need help coming up with a great design, do not worry, our team of graphic designers can help you perfect the look you want. After that, the process is easy! Once you leave the shop, you will have eyes on you.. Do not be surprised if you get calls before you even make it home! 

DSC_0550.JPGThis is what the buyer says about the experience:

“Big Star Branding did a great job on my Vehicle Wrap - I started with a partial and went back to them for a full design because the attention was unmatched to any of my other methods of advertising my business services. Thank you, Big Star!  UPDATE:  It's April 11, 2012, and I've used Big Star Again - and they came through again!  They took a simple design and made it brilliant!  Thanks to Kathie and the whole Big Star Team!”

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