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National Telephone Day at Big Star Branding

Author: Ryan Rowe | Date: Apr 7, 2016

“National Telephone Day” (April 25th) at Big Star Branding

*Ring* *Ring* “Hello” Big Star Branding calling to remind you that April 25th is “National Telephone Day”! Our massive selection of custom imprintable promotional products includes hundreds of phone related accessories such as multi-function cell phone cases, retro phone style head sets, most styles of cell phone cases, head phones, phone chargers, selfie sticks, arm band phone cases, blue tooth speakers, touch screen stylus pens, universal charger/adapters and many other novelty phone accessories that you can customize with your logo, design or message!

Telephone Day Items

With Big Star Branding’s FUNctional custom imprinted phone accessories like these: your customers will be reminded of your presence, promote and advertise as they use the item again and again. To place an order, get a quote or for more information just call a friendly & knowledgeable Big Star Branding customer service representative 210-590-2662 or you can visit us online anytime at