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Author: Andi Vera | Date: Apr 21, 2017



Our Sales Team : Big Star Branding has a creative solution solving sales team. They are the very best at what they do, and as a team their goal is to make sure your order is done right, on time, every time!


Our Big Star team has a total of over 60 years experience doing what they love, and loving what they do. Ann Taylor has been with the company for almost 20 years and Mickey Collins is the new kid on our block!

Ann- 18 years

7/11/2017 will be her 20th year with Big Star Branding

Elaine- 15 years

Dreams in french & has 3 kids(8,13, 14)

David -12- years

Is an avid poker player

Kathy- 10 years

Loves to play tennis

Adrian- 3 years

Is a big time hunter

Gary-  2 years

Likes to freestyle rap in his free time & has 2 kids

Kim- 1 year

Has 4 kids aging from 12-22

Sarah- 1 year

Has a beautiful baby boy

Mickey - 1 month

Won multiple fishing tournaments since 2011

As a team our goal is to earn our customer's business and exceed their expectations. We love to hear our customer’s thoughts, and here are a few!

“Your team has done a SUPERB with Team Holloman’s t-shirts”

“Ann Taylor and all the staff are always very nice and help us get the best products”

“Great company with even greater staff! Highly recommended”

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